I never expected such a response for my first fashion set: Elsa-Inspired Fashion
So as a thank you, I’ve made another! This one features more Disney princesses besides just Elsa, but there’s another Elsa thrown in here too because I just couldn’t resist. And I like seeing the Frozen girls in the princess line-up anyway. 
And here’s my newest Frozen fan art: Elsa and Anna, the tutorial is here

Good Vibes here


love this and its transparent :)
lxxataraxiaxxl: Hello! I was looking through your tumblr and I happened to notice that you are a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta! I am currently a junior and I was thinking of rushing at my school next semester b/c I am working long nights. I would be a senior then. Would it be too late? I was wondering how your experience has been as a sister? I was thinking if it would be weird if I were to rush and possibly join since usually people tend to join earlier on? How would I know if it would be the right fit for me?

hi :]

it’s honestly never too late to rush Sigma. I know a good amount of sisters that rush later. there’s never any pressure to join Sigma right in the beginning; join whenever it’s best for you.

being a Sigma sister has probably been the best time in my entire college career. I’ve met so many new people and been to other places that I would’ve never usually gone to. the network for Sigma is really large too, so it’s a great benefit if you’re looking towards the professional side to Sigma.

the only way you’d know it’s a right fit for you is to rush! the main purpose of rush is to get to the know the sisters more and interact with them. rushing is really fun and all the sisters are really nice and welcoming. it honestly never hurts to try :]

I hope this helped!